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Considering the various dimensions and the nascent nature of the sciences related to forensic medicine, the proposal to create scientific formations with the aim of research in the field of forensic medicine was proposed in 2015, and with the diligent follow-up of the Research Deputy of the Forensic Medicine Organization of the country, the Forensic Medicine Research Center received an agreement in principle. It was launched in 1387 and was established in 1395 with registration number 41277.

The Legal Medicine Research Center is a research and educational organization that operates under the supervision of the Forensic Medicine Organization of the country with the aim of carrying out basic and applied projects in the field of forensic medicine. Research and educational activities, this center has been able to take an important step towards achieving its goals and missions and prove its role in improving the country’s research system.

Legal Medicine Research Center as one of the unique research centers both in terms of research fields and in terms of interdisciplinary convergence and the only research center in the country with the field of research and education in legal sciences, by publishing books, publishing and presenting articles in domestic prestigious journals. and foreign and national and international scientific conferences, supporting the registration and production of knowledge-based products of the country’s researchers and young researchers, organizing educational workshops, think-tank meetings, organizing and cooperating in organizing numerous national and international conferences, concluding cooperation agreements with other research centers and universities , research cooperation with provinces and… has taken a big and important step in the way of developing research and improving the scientific level of the country.

Among the main goals of this center, the following can be mentioned:

1- Development and application of human knowledge in the field of forensic science

2- Conducting basic and applied researches in the field of forensic science in order to reform the system of providing forensic medicine and judicial services.

3- Collecting, organizing and classifying relevant documents, articles and documents and publishing scientific, informational and statistical publications in the field of medical sciences.

4- Training human resources of researchers and providing training at different scientific levels in the field of forensic medicine

5- Encouraging, encouraging and employing researchers

6- Scientific cooperation with research, scientific, educational and executive centers of the country

7- Scientific cooperation with research and educational centers of other countries and international organizations

8- Attendance, participation and membership in foreign and international scientific, educational and research organizations and assemblies

9- Production and commercialization of equipment and necessities needed in the field of forensic medicine

Currently, the Forensic Research Center has 5 specialized groups with the names of Clinical Forensic Medicine Group, Anatomical Science Group, Forensic Laboratory Group, Basic Science and Technology Group, and Social Injury Group.​​






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